Investing in Next-Generation Clean Energy and Climate Solutions Companies


Investing in Next-Generation Clean Energy and Climate Solutions Companies


Investing in Next-Generation Clean Energy and Climate Solutions Companies


Investing in Next-Generation Clean Energy and Climate Solutions Companies


Investing in Next-Generation Clean Energy and Climate Solutions Companies


Investing in Next-Generation Clean Energy and Climate Solutions Companies


Founded in 2001, Angeleno Group is a pioneer in providing growth capital for next generation clean energy and climate solutions companies.AG invests opportunistically in a range of deal types, with a strategy that is sector-focused, stage-agnostic and research-driven. Since its founding, Angeleno Group has become one of the country’s largest dedicated clean energy and sustainability investment firms, making growth investments on a global basis. Our core strategy is to invest in high growth, well managed, innovative businesses with proven technologies and established customer traction.

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The firm’s success is based on our selection and support of talented and dedicated management teams and their businesses, rooted on the following principles:


Innovative technologies continue to emerge as promising and profitable solutions to global energy and environmental challenges. Angeleno Group believes that we are at the beginning of a once-in-a-generation global secular transformation to a low carbon, electrified and highly digitized economy driven by technology and innovation, environmental imperatives and markets and economics. Current market conditions, as well as the renewed policy and business climate in the next generation energy and natural resources sectors, present compelling opportunities for companies in the clean energy and climate solutions sector. The firm invests in a diverse portfolio of companies and has identified seven focus areas that represent a large addressable universe of opportunities.  

Angeleno Group’s clean energy and climate solutions sector focus allows portfolio companies to benefit from the firm’s longstanding relationships and deep industry expertise. Our investment focus areas include:


Click Energy
Eka Systems
GT Advanced Technologies
New Forests
Patriot Environmental Services
Renew Financial

The portfolio companies presented are intended to be illustrative of the types of investments made by Angeleno Group and do not include all investments made.


We actively participate in the growth of our portfolio companies. Angeleno Group plays a highly engaged role in its portfolio companies, building value through active board participation and ongoing collaboration with management teams. In particular, we supports our portfolio companies in product and business development, strategy, sales and corporate finance, utilizing the investment team’s backgrounds and expertise, as well as our extensive networks, including our investors and Board of Advisors.
    Our Partners have decades of operating and advisory experience in product development, marketing, sales, corporate finance, and strategy in high-growth companies. Angeleno Group’s seasoned team has significant experience in private equity transactions, venture capital investing, public market investing, operating company management, and investment banking. This broad range of expertise allows us to fully support high-growth portfolio companies through periods of transition and expansion.
    Angeleno Group invests opportunistically, leveraging the expertise built from years of focus on the high-growth clean energy and climate solutions technology sectors.
    Our investment strategy has proven to be successful through a variety of market conditions. Our portfolio is:

    Sector-focused and stage-agnostic

    Diversified and risk-managed

    High-growth and targeted high-return

    Angeleno Group’s investment process is designed to generate returns and mitigate risk at each stage of the investment cycle. There are four broad themes that underpin our selection process:

    Tools and Technology
    The firm invests in technology-agnostic tools that enable industry participants to flourish.

    Near-Term Markets
    The firm looks for significant and realistic near-term markets, which can be leveraged to longer-term and larger opportunities.

    Capital Efficiency
    The firm looks to identify companies with efficient and flexible capital models to reduce risk and dilution.

    The firm focuses on entry cost, as much as exit values, to achieve return targets.


Our combined team of investment professionals, Operating Partners and Advisors brings together decades of expertise in investment, capital markets, entrepreneurship, engineering and operations.Angeleno Group is led by a strong team of investment and operations professionals, the majority of whom have been part of Angeleno Group for more than a decade. In addition, our group of Operating Partners has sector-relevant senior management experience that complements and enhances our investment capabilities. We also benefit from the expertise of our Board of Advisors, which includes seasoned energy sector professionals and thought leaders from industry, government and academia with deep operational expertise and relationships.


Nicole Hagen

Senior Investment Analyst

Danny Jaffe


Michelle Kincanon

Vice President, Finance and Sustainability

William Miller

Chief Operating Officer

Finn Reed

Investment Analyst

Paula Robins

Chief Financial Officer

Santtu Seppälä

Vice President, Strategy and Business Development

Henry So

Vice President of Finance and Operations

Anil Tammineedi


Yaniv Tepper

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Daniel Weiss

Managing Partner & Co-Founder
Operating Partners

Dominic Drenen

Operating Partner

Mark Henderson

Operating Partner

Steve Lockard

Operating Partner

Terry Tamminen

Senior Advisor

Thomas Zarrella

Operating Partner
Board of Advisors


Angeleno Group designed, implemented and institutionalized a robust Responsible and Sustainable Investment Program that has been active for over a decade, and is centered around the selection and active management of portfolio companies in the clean energy and climate solutions sectors. We are almost exclusively invested in companies that develop products and services to profoundly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and proactively respond to critical sustainability and global energy and environmental challenges of our time. Our role is to select well-positioned companies and assist in bringing their environmental innovations to scale while achieving strong financial returns for our investors.

Our approach to Responsible and Sustainable Investing (RSI) supports and aligns with our core values and our commitment to value creation and disciplined portfolio management. Angeleno Group’s RSI Policy is designed to be adaptive and responsive to emerging environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics.

Angeleno Group is a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI). We aim to align our Responsible and Sustainable Investing Program to support each of the six Principles for Responsible Investment. As part of our commitment to advancing responsible investment, we aspire to find meaningful ways in which our portfolio companies can support progress toward the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

We invite you to read Angeleno Group’s latest Responsible and Sustainable Investing report to learn about our ESG strategy and achievements.