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We actively participate in the growth of our portfolio companies. Angeleno Group actively engages with its portfolio companies, building value through active board participation and ongoing collaboration with management teams. In particular, we support our portfolio companies in product and business development, strategy, sales and corporate finance, utilizing the investment team’s backgrounds and expertise, as well as our extensive networks, including our investors and Board of Advisors.
    Our Partners have decades of operating and advisory experience in product development, marketing, sales, corporate finance, and strategy in high-growth companies. Angeleno Group’s team of seasoned investment professionals has decades of combined investing, operating and advisory experience, including private equity, venture capital and technology development. This broad range of expertise allows us to fully support high-growth portfolio companies through periods of transition and expansion.
    Angeleno Group invests opportunistically, leveraging the expertise built from years of focus on the high-growth clean energy and climate solutions technology sectors.
    Our investment strategy has proven to be successful through a variety of market conditions. Our portfolio is:


    Diversified and risk-managed

    Targeted high-growth and high-return

    Angeleno Group’s investment process is designed to generate returns and mitigate risk at each stage of the investment cycle. There are four broad themes that underpin our selection process:

    Tools and Technology
    The firm invests in technology-agnostic tools that enable industry participants to flourish.

    Near-Term Markets
    The firm looks for significant and realistic near-term markets, which can be leveraged to longer-term and larger opportunities.

    Capital Efficiency
    The firm looks to identify companies with efficient and flexible capital models to reduce risk and dilution.

    The firm focuses on entry cost, as much as exit values, to achieve return targets.