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EdeniQ EdeniQ develops and delivers proprietary biomass conversion technologies for the global biofuels industry. The company economically converts a wide range of non-food biomass feedstock into affordable, clean fuel, and has developed the Cellunator, a technology to increase ethanol yields from corn. Headquarters: Visalia, CA Year Invested: 2008 Status: Active

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Newterra Newterra is a global provider of advanced and decentralized water treatment solutions to the municipal, industrial and environmental remediation sectors. Headquarters: Ontario, Canada Year Invested: 2013 Status: Acquired by Frontenac

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Patriot Environmental Services

Patriot Environmental Services Patriot is a provider of comprehensive, vertically integrated environmental services, including emergency spill response, hazardous waste management and transportation, industrial cleaning, hydro-excavation, full facility closure and remediation, non-hazardous wastewater treatment, solidification, and other complementary services. Headquarters: Long Beach, CA Year Invested: 2016 Status: Acquired by Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc. (NASDAQ: HCCI)

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