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EdeniQ EdeniQ develops and delivers proprietary biomass conversion technologies for the global biofuels industry. The company economically converts a wide range of non-food biomass feedstock into affordable, clean fuel, and has developed the Cellunator, a technology to increase ethanol yields from corn. Headquarters: Visalia, CA Year Invested: 2008 Status: Active

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newterra newterra is a leading provider of decentralized water and wastewater treatment solutions to the global mining, oil & gas, and private development markets. The company’s modular system design, engineering and manufacturing expertise, alongside its proprietary MicroClear membrane, enable it to offer improved performance at lower operating and maintenance costs than its competitors. Headquarters: Ontario,…

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Patriot Environmental Services

Patriot Environmental Services Patriot is a premier provider of comprehensive, vertically integrated environmental services, including emergency spill response, hazardous waste management and transportation, industrial cleaning, hydro-excavation, full facility closure and remediation, non-hazardous wastewater treatment, solidification, and other complementary services. Headquarters: Long Beach, CA Year Invested: 2016 Status: Active

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